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103 Free Presentation Templates for Teachers and Students

Free Presentation Templates

Every teacher needs access to free presentation templates. They’re great for so much more than presentations; I use them for posters, social media graphics, quotes, and more. I recently asked a colleague in a meeting if she had sketched the icons in her presentation. She casually replied “No, it’s from Slides Carnival,” as though everyone had heard of it. It seems everyone in the room had heard of it, except for me. I have no idea how this gem of a resource has stayed under my radar for so long.

Easy to Use

You can download the templates as a PowerPoint file (which you can also open with Keynote), or you can select “Use as Google Slides Theme” to copy the template to your Google Drive. 


Templates consist of about 25 different slides, including slides that are formatted for charts, graphs, and tables. Presentation templates are completely customizable; it’s incredibly easy to edit text, change colors, and add images. Perhaps my favorite feature of the templates are the unique icons that can be modified by changing the size or color.

Colors and Fonts

Towards the end of the presentations, you’ll find a “Presentation Design” slide that names the fonts used and provides the Hex codes for featured colors. Google Slides automatically matches fonts, but you’ll need to download any fonts that you don’t have if you are working with PowerPoint or Keynote. Don’t worry, links for downloading fonts are provided too.

Usage Rights

Slides Carnival shares their free presentation templates under a Creative Commons Attribution license. That means all templates can be modified and used in any way as long as you give credit to Slides Carnival along with a link to their website. You can use the “Credits” slide that comes with each template, or choose a different attribution. 

What’s Your Favorite Free Presentation Template?

Do you have a favorite template or a different free presentation template source? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter.

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