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A Must-Have Chrome Extension for Any Book Lover – Library Extension

In a world of online shopping, it’s arguably more convenient to buy a book online from Amazon Prime than to swing by your local library. These days many of us opt for buying a book online even though most libraries offer the ability to search, reserve, or even download books online. We also come across books that are typically linked to online stores or sites like Goodreads.

Library Extension
Library Extension is a Chrome browser extension that automatically lets you know if a book you’re looking at online is available at your local library. You can place a hold on a book, or you can download any available ebook if your library uses Overdrive or 3M Digital Books.
Supported Sites
Library Extension works on a number of popular book sites including:
Getting Started with Library Extension
Step One: Download Library Extension from the Chrome Web Store.
Step Two: Click on the the extension icon (stack of books) after it has been installed and select “options.”
Step Three: Select your country and state to search for your library. Click the green plus sign to add your library’s catalog to the extension.

Step Four: Visit one of the supported online book sites. The extension’s search results will appear on the page (it’s found in different location on different pages, but it’s pretty hard to miss).

Step Five: You’ll be taken to the appropriate location on your library’s website when you choose to place a hold or download an ebook.

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