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An Easier Way to Simplify Text and Teach Vocabulary – Rewordify

Rewordify is not only the best text simplification tool I’ve seen, but it’s also a great way to teach vocabulary. Plus it’s totally free. The site has several step-by-step guides and tutorials that I have linked to throughout this post.

Simplify Difficult Text is the easiest way to simplify difficult text. Just copy and paste text (or a website’s address) into their site and have difficult words simplified into easy-to-understand definitions; they even appear in the correct part of speech, verb tense, or singular/plural form.

You can also browse or search from a large selection of classic literature and have it simplified with one click.

Simplified words appear highlighted by default. Clicking on a simplified term brings up the original word, click the original word to hear the pronunciation. The settings can be changed to customize the way you learn new vocabulary.

Learning Sessions

Learning sessions are a great alternative to traditional quizzes that students can simply click through. Students get to see and hear the words and definitions in context; they demonstrate understanding by typing the words correctly in context. 

Teachers Save Time

Save time by automatically creating vocabulary lists, quizzes, and learning activities from selected text. You can even create customized word lists.

Manage Students, Classes, and Assignments with Education Central

Create a free account, log in, and select “Educator Central” at the top of the page to access features provided to teachers. The Educator Central Walkthrough page is a great place to get started and learn about topics including:

Create Classes and Student Accounts
Create reading assignments.
Monitor Student Progress
What do you think?

How will you use in your classroom? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or on Twitter.

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