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Automatically Translate Vocabulary Lists into Any Language

Posted August 22, 2019 by Nick LaFave under General

Translate Any List of Words Instantly in Google Sheets

More than a great tool for foreign language teachers, it’s a must-have resource for nearly all educators, especially since most of us teach ELL, ESL, ESOL students. Enter words in one column and use a simple formula to translate them to a different language in another column. It will even use the correct letters when translating to languages with different alphabets.

How To Translate a Word

Select the cell where you want the word to appear.
Type the following formula:
=googletranslate(original word location,”original language code”,”translated language code”)

Here’s an example where I translated a word located in cell A2 from English (en) to Spanish (es). =googletranslate(A2,”en”,”es”)Translate an Entire Column

Thankfully you don’t need to type the formula for each row.

Select the cell that contains your formula.
Click and drag the blue box (“fill handle”) in the bottom right corner of the cell.
Continue dragging the fill handle down to all rows you want to be translated.
Translate into over 100 Languages

You can find the codes for all languages supported by Google Translate in this list:

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