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Dipity – Create innovative timelines.


A few months ago, I came across Dipity as a way for my students to create online timelines of significant events in the history of Environmental Science.  While my students found it easy to manually add descriptions, pictures, and links, I discovered that Dipity has much more to offer.

In addition to manual timeline creation, Dipity allows users to enter the URL or RSS feed of a site or blog and turn it into a timeline.

Users can also connect numerous social media feeds (Twitter, FaceBook, Flickr) to create aesthetically pleasing timelines that will continue to update as new content is added to the feed.  Dipity allows you to display events as a traditional timeline (above), a flipbook (below), a list, or a map.  Embed codes are provided in addition to options for comments on timelines or individual posts.

If you’re looking for a simple way to create engaging timelines or want advanced timeline functionality, give Dipity a try.

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