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Instagram Template for Historical Figures, Book Characters, Authors…

What if George Washington had an Instagram Account? What would we see in Harry Potter’s Instagram gallery? Now your students can answer these questions by creating Instagram profiles, posts, and galleries. 

Virtual Impersonation

Creating social media posts and profiles for people (real/fictional), places, plants, and animals has proven to be an engaging and thought-provoking experience for students. From creating FaceBook pages for endangered species to Tweets from Abe Lincoln, virtual impersonation can be a powerful tool for learning. I recently shared a great Google Slides Instagram post template. A coworker was looking for something a bit more interactive that would allow for multiple posts, so I built a multi-slide profile/gallery template.

Instagram Template

The Instagram template is available for Keynote, Google Slides, or PowerPoint. Students just replace the profile text (name, job/title, description, location), then begin replacing picture placeholders with images of their choosing. Each small image placeholder is hyperlinked to a separate slide for that image’s post.

Download Instagram Templates

Keynote Instagram Template

Google Slides Instagram Template

PowerPoint Instagram Template

How Will You Use the Instagram Template?

Share your ideas in the comments below or on Twitter.

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