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Make Image Backgrounds Transparent with This Background Remover

The ability to remove the background from an image, and make it transparent, is a handy skill when creating content. I recently saw some nicely designed web page buttons, but the impact of all the hard work put into making that button was diminished by it being surrounded by a background that did not match the web page it was added to.
Background Burner is a free, online background remover that is incredibly easy to use. A free account is required to download images after editing. The free account also allows Background Burner to save your edited images for later access.
How to Remove the Background from an Image
Go to
Upload your image.
Select the best thumbnail and click Touch Up. (Click Select and skip to step if you don’t want to touch up your image.)
Touch Up Your Image
Download Your Image (You will need to log in with your free account.)
If You Aren’t Able to Download as Show in Step 5:
a. Log in and click on Your Images at the top of the page.
b. Place your mouse over your image and select they type of download.

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