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Piktochart – Create Professional Looking Infographics

Infographics seem to be increasing in popularity at an accelerating rate.  This succinct way of conveying ideas in a visually appealing way has limitless uses in the classroom.  Piktochart makes it really easy to convey ideas in a visually appealing way.  Whether you see infographics as a creative way for students to visualize data, or a new twist on project posters, infographics have virtually limitless uses in the classroom that your students will love.

Made by one of my AP Environmental Science Students

After choosing from one of 7 Free Templates (120 available with account upgrades) you will work in one of three sections of a well-organized editor: 
Add – icons, graphics, text, charts (works with Google spreadsheets), video (YouTube or Vimeo), and maps. 
Style – to change the look of your template. 
Publish – save as a jpeg, png, or pdf in a variety of resolutions.  A “Publish Online Now” option for saving as HTML and obtaining an embed code for your blog or website.  Post directly to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Piktochart requires no design experience, but if you do need help they have you covered with a series of one-minute video tutorials.

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