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Spice Up Your Lessons with More Than 30,000 Free Fonts

Are Your Fonts Sucking the Life out of Your Lessons?
You’ve come up with an engaging and innovative new lesson and typed up the directions. But if your assignment’s directions are presented with the same level of excitement as a medical form, you’ve already lost too many students. Design is important. Students are drawn to dynamic media, not IRS forms.
Being creative with your choice of fonts can take the mundane to a whole new level, even if you’re not a design guru. I’m not talking about using Comic Sans (please stop that immediately). It’s time to step up your game and use fonts that have already proven to engage students.
Font Space provides more than 30,000 free fonts to help make your assignments more exciting. The site is designed to make it easy for you to find the perfect font. The top of every page offers you the ability to search, view the most popular fonts, or view font categories by clicking “Browse.”
Selecting a font will bring you to a preview page where you can download the font with one click. No registration is necessary. I also love the Tags feature. A list of tags (categories) that apply to each font is provided below the preview. This is a great way to find related fonts.
My favorite category is Famous Fonts. You’ll find a font for nearly everything that is popular with students today, from their favorite movies to their favorite brands. Famous Fonts are designed to resemble fonts that you are familiar with, so the naming is usually slightly different that you might expect (i.e. Star Jedi, and Alicia Wonderland).
Installing Fonts
So you’ve found and downloaded a font that you like. Now it’s time to install the font.
How to Install Fonts on a PC

Learn more about installing fonts on a PC here.
How to Install Fonts on a Mac

Learn more about installing fonts on a Mac here.
I’d love to see how fonts change the look of your assignments. Please feel free to share in the comments below or on Twitter.

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