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StoryJumper – Publish Student Books and Inspire Passion for Writing

StoryJumper is a free, online storybook maker. With awesome resources for teachers, StoryJumper provides an easy way for to empower students to make their own storybooks. Students write the story and illustrate them with artwork from StoryJumper, or by uploading their own images. Student books can be shared online for free, or purchased in paperback or hardcover format. It’s a great way to inspire a passion for writing.
Get Started by Setting Up a Class
After creating a free educator’s account, teachers should set up their first class. You’ll have a number of ways to customize the student experience right away.
Class Password: This is what students will use to log in the first time they use Story Jumper. They’ll later set their own password.
Duration: Setting a class duration is a great feature if your students share computers. All students in the class will be logged out of StoryJumper at the end of the duration, preventing others from accessing their work.
Are your students over 13? All students are able to access StoryJumper while in your classroom. Students under 13 will need a signed permission slip (more on this later) to access StoryJumper at home. Teachers will have to provide email addresses for students ages13 and over so they can work on their stories at home.
Allow “Search Photos”: Select this option if you want to allow students to search for photos from Flickr.
Collaboration Option: This option allows students to invite each other to collaborate on a book. Teachers can always create group books to allow multiple students to collaborate on the same book.
Three Ways to Add Students
You can add students to your class in 3 ways:
Let students create their own accounts by entering a Class ID and Class Password.
Add one student at a time by typing in their details.
Upload a spreadsheet of student names as a .csv file.
Plan Your Lesson
StoryJumper provides a great guide for getting students writing through their  StoryStarter – a guide to telling a story in seven steps. Also check out the Author’s Guide that includes the video below to help students learn the basics of using StoryJumper.

Review Student Books
Reviewing student work is really convenient. All student books will appear at the bottom of your class page. Teachers can edit and leave comments on student books all in one place.
Share and Purchase Student Books
All student work is private by default. Teachers can set a password that allows parents and others to access student books. This also creates an option for parents to purchase student books. Hardcover books sell for $29.95 and paperbacks are $14.95 at the time of writing this post.
Raise Money with StoryJumper
StoryJumper Write-a-Thon Fundraisers are an easy way to raise some money while motivating students and showcasing their work. Friends and family who sponsor students receive a copy of their books at the end of the Write-a-Thon. StoryJumper provides the fund raising tools. Schools receive 90% of the total funds raised. Click here to see a Write-a-Thon example.
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