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Student Blogs – Everything You Need to Get Started for Free

I’m often asked about my favorite site for student blogs. Over the years, my students have used Google Sites, Weebly, and Wix, just to name a few. Edublogs has always offered some of the best features teachers look for, but most of us were looking for a way to create student blogs for free. Edublogs has moved to the top of my list since they now included many of their previously “Pro” features for free. It’s a great choice for student blogs, websites, and eportfolios.
Student Blogs on a Powerful Platform
WordPress is the premier platform for building blogs and websites. Nick’s Picks is built using WordPress, along with about 25% of all websites worldwide. It’s easy to use and customize, and integrates with endless services and applications. Edublogs is WordPress powered but comes with several features, plugins, and themes that are focussed on education.
Plenty of Storage
With Edublogs, students can write an unlimited number of blog posts and create an unlimited number of pages. Want to upload a podcast, video, file, etc.? With 50 GB of storage, you’ll have plenty of space.
Customize the Look
Your students put a lot of effort into their work. Don’t publish it on a blog that looks like a message board from the 90s. Edublogs has more than 250 themes to help students create blogs they can be proud of. They can change up the backgrounds, logos, or even change the entire theme at any time to keep their blogs looking fresh.
Student and Class Management
Creating student accounts is easy, or you can choose to invite students and let them create their own accounts. You can also create student groups and lists to make managing your workflow even easier. Even keeping up on student activity is a breeze with detailed user activity reports. You can even comment on student work just like you would give feedback on any assignment by using private comments.
You don’t have to worry about what students are posting. You can moderate all student posts and comments, requiring teacher approval before they go live.
Student Safe – Full Privacy Options
While I’m a big believer in allowing students to publish content to a public audience, there are situations where that might not be the best option. With Edublogs, you can decide if you want your student blogs to be public, or private. A variety of options allow teachers to control who can see student blogs, and even password protect pages.
Edublogs App
For those using tablets, Edublogs has apps for Android and iOS that allow students to publish posts, write comments, and more.
Edublogs – My Top Choice for Student Blogs
I don’t know of many platforms for student blogs that offer this many features for both students and teachers. The fact that it’s free, and ad-free makes Edublogs an even better choice.

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