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Take Sticky Dot Voting and Collaborative Brainstorming Online with Dotstorming


Teachers love having students vote with stickers. Dotmocracy – that strategy of giving students little dot stickers to place next to choices they prefer is a quick, visual way for classes to collaboratively make decisions. Several EdCamps that I’ve attended have started with attendees writing session ideas on butcher paper and then each person is given three stickers to vote for the sessions they are most interested in.
Dotstorming takes this idea online and enhances it with some great features. Teachers can create online idea boards and choose the number of dots (votes) that they give to each student. The options can be automatically sorted by the number of votes they receive. Beyond voting, Dotstorming is also a powerful online brainstorming tool. Students can collaborate in real time by adding ideas to a board. Ideas are added as cards that can contain text, links, images, or video. Students can also comment on each other’s ideas or use an optional chat feature that appears beside the board.

Lots of Flexibility
Teachers can lock boards to prevent new ideas from being added, yet still allow commenting and voting. Voting and comments can also be disabled at any time. Boards can be shared by providing students with a link or using an embed code. Students do not need to sign in, but they are asked to enter their name before participating.

Dotstorming is a great collaborative brainstorming and decision making tool.  It’s also free!How will you use Dotstorming in your classroom?

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