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The Best Headphones for Kids

I’m often asked for advice on the best headphones for kids. Not just the best headphones for kids — but affordable, durable, and comfortable headphones for kids. I’m happy to say that I can confidently stand behind two great options.
Earbuds or Headphones?
I strongly suggest that teachers and parents of younger students stay away from earbuds. Contrary to popular belief, I’ve found little evidence that earbuds are less safe than headphones. I have, however, experienced how incredibly difficult it is for many students to keep earbuds in their ears. They really don’t seem to take well to little ears, even some adults (like me) are constantly having to push them back in.
Note: Excessive volume is what damages ears. None of these headphones claim to restrict volume (although many that do seem to fall short). Instead, I feel it is our responsibility to educate kids about safe volume levels.
Wired or Bluetooth?
For classroom sets of headphones, or almost any other situation involving shared hardware, I encourage teachers to use wired over Bluetooth. It eliminates the hassle of pairing to multiple devices, and can save you a fair amount of money.
Nick’s Picks for Headphones
My top choice for headphones is really a tie. Currently they are both advertised at the same price, otherwise I’d use cost as a tie-breaker.
ThinkWrite Premium Headphone
ThinkWrite Premium Headphone for Apple iPad, Google Chromebook, Kindle Fire, Android Tablet and Laptops is a very popular choice among educators. The fabric cables hold up much better than traditional earphone cables. The fabric is also “chew-proof” just in case nibbling on wires is a concern. In addition to seeing these hold up great through frequent classroom use, colleagues have informed me that ThinkWrite has excellent customer service.
Kidz Gear Wired Headphones For Kids
Kidz Gear makes light-weight and super-comfortable headphones. I’ve seen them withstand all the abuse that an active kindergarten class can dish out. While they don’t seem to be as widely used in classrooms as Thinkwrite Headphones, I have seen them listed at a lower price from time to time.
Nick’s Pick for Headsets
ThinkWrite Premium Headset
If you need a microphone in addition to headphones, it’s hard to beat the ThinkWrite Premium Headset. You’re basically adding a boom microphone for five dollars more.
Looking for The Cheapest Option?

TFD Supplies Wholesale Bulk Earbuds
If you’re willing to sacrifice durability for cost, and need to purchase in bulk, then earbuds from TFD Supplies are worth a look. These are your typical low-end earbuds. The quality isn’t great, but I can say that they have been about as durable as you can expect at less than $1.00 per pair. I personally believe you get what you pay for, but like to offer an economy option for situations that may call for it. You can get 50 for just under a dollar each or drop the price to just under $0.80 each when you buy 100.
 I only recommend products that I personally use or know their value, so you’re in good hands. Purchasing products through some of the links above may result in me receiving a couple of bucks. It helps offset the cost of hosting this site, but it’s certainly not enough to buy a pony. I do however appreciate your support!
If you find better prices on any of these items, please share in the comments below.

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