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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Choice Boards

Student choice is not only a simple way to increase student engagement, it’s also an essential factor in developing digital literacy while building 21st century life and career skills. Choice boards typically start with a specific learning goal, then provide students with a variety of ways to practice a skill, learn a concept, or demonstrate understanding.
Most choice boards are set up as grid of nine squares. My favorite choice boards embed images and include hyperlinks. Teachers differentiate the choices based on any number of approaches (ability, student interest, tiered assignments, etc.). In short, there isn’t a single “right” way to make a choice board. Just like any tool, it needs to be modified to meet the specific needs of the students you teach.
I’ve created a template and rounded up some examples (many can be edited directly) to get you started.
Student Choice Boards for DOK
Nadine Gilkison has an awesome collection of choice boards. Click on any of the boards in her collection and you’ll automatically be provided with a copy of the file that you can edit in Google Slides.

Show What You Know Choice Boards
Check out these fantastic choice boards from Lisa Highfill that allow students to show what they know.

Genius Hour Choice Board
A detailed Genius Hour Choice Board graciously shared by Christine Perkins.

Choice Boards on Pinterest
I’ve started a Pinterest Board featuring Student Choice Boards. I’ve tried to avoid Teachers Pay Teachers pins in an effort to promote free resources.

Choice Board Template
I created an easy to use choice board template. Just replace the text and image placeholders.

How Will You Use Choice Boards in Your Classroom?
Please share in the comments below or on Twitter.

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