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The Easiest Way to Create a Mind Map – Text 2 Mind Map

Quickly Make a Mind Map
Text 2 Mind Map is a free site that lets users create a mind map by simply typing text. Each line of text becomes a new node in the mind map. Want to add a branch to your mind map? Just indent the text (tab on the keyboard). Best of all, it’s free and doesn’t require an account.
Modify Your Mind Map
The options menu offers some simple ways to modify your mind map. One option that I have found especially useful is the ability to switch the color scheme from being based on the level to based on the branch. For example, in the default mind map colors were assigned to levels (the names of the seasons were blue, the names of the months were green). With one click, I was able to change the color scheme to be based on branches (spring months green, summer months red, etc.).
Download and Save Your Mind Map
The download feature only saves a small portion of the screen, so I recommend taking a screen shot of your mind map to share it as an image. You can save your mind map for later editing, or share it with others. Saving your mind map does require you to enter an email address.
Note: Text 2 Mind Map is flagged as “Not Secure” by Google Chrome. It’s perfectly safe to use as long as you aren’t entering sensitive information (credit cards, passwords, etc.). 
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